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Allie Escaffi

Allie Escaffi is an actress and a model in television, independent movies and commercials. She is of Argentinian and Chilean descent and speaks fluent Spanish. Allie got her start in modeling by winning a photo shoot contest with Green House Productions and being discovered by Wilhelmina Talent Agency. She soon garnered commercial roles and leads in independent film projects. She grew up in San Gaberial Valley in California and then moved to Miami while still in high school. Allie spent her college years in Colorado, and not satisfied with a bachelor's degree, while working as a single mom, Allie went back to school to get her Masters in Business Administration. With all of her creative interests, Allie is always seeking a new challenge and adventure, from being an artist to an avid climber and Spartan competitor. Allie pursues all of her passions with focused drive and brings all of her life experience to bear in her acting.

News reporter

2018 Stadium Anthems

Concert Goer

2016 Terror Tales

Vera Drake (segment "Radical Video"

2016 Actor Martinez

Meeting Participant

Artemisia Solas Lagrangian

The Mexican (post-production)

Replicant Terminus: Revelation (TV Series) (pre-production)

Artemisia Solas Lagrangian (2019)

Skylar (pre-production)

Scarlett Gaberiel

The Harvester (pre-production)

News Reporter

Replicant Terminus (post-production)

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