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World Mental Health Day is Today

You Are Never Alone — It’s Time to Talk About Mental Illness

Learn how BeRemarkable #MIstory is breaking the silence surrounding mental illness

It’s time to end the stigma surrounding mental illness. It’s time to use the overwhelming screen time and this generation’s addiction to Social Media for Social Good. It’s time to ignite shared conversation about an illness... It’s time to break the silence.

@Be_Remarkable_Foundation #MIstory is about empowerment, positivity, and creating

understanding around mental illness. We aim to break the silence that so often leaves people

feeling alone by sharing uplifting stories that can give others with a similar journey, hope.

BeRemarkable is a nonprofit focused on using Social Media for Social Good.

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• 81% of children in the U.S. are on social media

• 59% of them are under the age of 10

• 92% spend over 10 hours a day online!

• 41% of Generation Z say that social media makes them sad, anxious or depressed.

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BeRemarkable's goal is to shift how social media is being used, to impact real change across various issues affecting today’s youth. We leverage our connections with social media influencers to use their platforms for good. We do this by creating inspirational experiences for them to take part in, and share with their audience, made up largely of young people under the age of 18. We create short-form content & mini documentaries around the issues for them to share, as well as pushing it out on our own platforms.

#MIstory (Mental Illness Story) is an individual’s creative account of their experience with Mental Illness. The bravery of young people sharing their #MIstory helps break down social barriers, encouraging others who may be suffering in silence, to share their own stories. Although BeRemarkable's focus is on giving young people a platform to share their stories around Mental Illness, our vision is to create a global community where everyone's #MIstory is celebrated.

Mental Health

BeRemarkable’s first project is dedicated to helping young people struggling with Mental Illness. Being a child, or a teenager can be difficult enough already - dealing with family, friends, and school. Young people who struggle with Mental Illness face even greater challenges, as often they do not receive the necessary treatment, or support. The conversation around Mental Illness

in our youth is limited greatly lacking, which creates stigma, and increases the rate of school dropouts, social isolation, and suicide. Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death amongst 15-18 year olds (and 3rd for ages 10-14).

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• PTSD 8%

• Eating Disorder 4%

• 20% of children aged 3-18 suffer from a Mental Illness

• 30% increase in suicide rate of youth between ages 10-15 since 2017

• 17% of those children commit suicide under the age of 18.

• 70% did not receive sufficient support after their diagnosis.

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BeRemarkable is inviting 20 children dealing with various types of Mental Illness to attend a creative workshop in NYC. We will guide them on how to tell their #MIstory, and give them the tools to cope with their everyday struggles, by learning how to express themselves through storytelling. We welcome family members to be a part of the workshop and share their #MIstory

from their valuable perspective.

We have a multitude of social media influencers who battle different forms of Mental Illness to participate in the workshops and share their #MIstory on stage, and on their social platforms, raising awareness and ending the stigma around this issue.

We will provide a safe and encouraging platform for those who took part in the workshop, to perform their #MIstory pieces in front of a live audience. It will be a supportive and curated evening of storytelling, community and music. Content from influencers, music artists and empowered young voices will be featured and shared.

#MIstory will become a global call to action, providing a space for connection, and 

support. Pushing #MIstory content to go viral on #MentalHealthAwarenessDay (10.10)

10.10.18 - Mental Health Awareness Day

We know how to create dynamic content to effectively convey our core messages to an audience. On #MentalHealthAwareness Day (10.10) BeRemarkable will be releasing all of the short form content we have created during the #MIstory project, which includes:

• #MIstory mini-documentary to be released via a small premiere in NYC and pushed online. We aim to show how social media can be used positively, and how having a creative outlet can be vital in a young person's battle with Mental Illness.

•Multiple #MIstory accounts centered around young people, social influencers, family members, entrepreneurs, and artists who are fighting to cope with their own Mental Illness. Various other short-form content showing how Social Media for Social Good can shift the conversation on Mental Illness once and for all.

“We believe that by changing media, we can change the world.”

Ambassador Program

BeRemarkable's most important accomplishment is what happens AFTER each project. We will maintain our efforts within the community by attaching a local ambassador whose vision aligns with the core aims of the impact project. These ambassadors continue to carry out the BeRemarkable goals long after the cameras are gone.

Whether you deal with mental illness yourself, or have a loved one—whether your parent, your child, a sibling, or a friend who is going through it, you’ve got a #MIstory to share. Help us end the stigma by sharing YOUR stories with us on social using #MIstory. Submit your #MIstory, [email protected]

You can do any of the below to help us raise awareness around mental health!

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Submit a hand written letter sharing your story. You can submit and find examples here.

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Send an email to [email protected] with your story


You can post any of the above on your social media tomorrow (10/10) using the hashtags #Mistory and #MentalHealthAwareness and tagging @BeRemarkable on IG or @BeRemarkableFoundation on FB

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Record a video and send to us at [email protected] that has a message to our youth and others who may have a mental illness (anxiety, depression, bi-polar,etc) or have experienced a loved one who has a mental illness Example video here: