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Explore how Karen Patmas is elevating the traditional agency standard into a transformative licensed SAG AFTRA Franchised Talent Agency

Karen Patmas is proud to empower clients through her licensed SAG AFTRA Franchised Talent agency. National Talent LA (NTLA) is a new, exciting and innovative

talent agency based in Los Angeles, CA. Founded in 2017 by international model,

Karen Patmas, NTLA is a dynamic company with a fresh approach. Committed to core

values of ethics, integrity, transparency, service, and transformation, NTLA insists upon

upholding the highest professional standards while serving the needs of both talent and

clients. NTLA is highly selective. Their talent are not just elegant, they are consummate

professionals. NTLA will help their talent forge successful careers, enhancing their

brand and that of their clients to transform the industry.

Career & Craft

Originally trauma-specialized with over 17 years experience as a clinical therapist, it’s

no wonder that Karen is a natural at handling high-stress situations and guiding people

to achieve and grow.

That’s not all—Karen has been on a path toward success since she was a teen. She

began her career in modeling and acting as a teenager, and also boasts a Masters

degree in Social work with a Clinical license.

Now, with over 20 years experience in modeling for print, commercials, and runway

modeling, Karen is taking the industry by storm and formerly seen in the media through

published articles in international publications, runways, directed backstage of large

fashion shows in Hollywood, and scouted/directed with a production company. Not

only is she a talent guru, but also managed and ran a model mentorship group in the

Pacific Northwest groups.

Fresh Approach

In the midst of all this chaos, enter Karen Patmas, former model and Masters degree, licensed trauma specialized clinician turned CEO of National

Talent LA, the newest SAG/AFTRA Frachised agency. Patmas comes with a fresh new

look on what a talent agency should be and what it should offer to their most precious

commodity—the actors the agency represents.

The company is growing fast and now not only SAG AFTRA Franchised, but now also WGA (Writer Guild of America) Signatory. National Talent LA has brought on board experienced Literary Agent, Paula Allen of Screenland Literary Associates.

National Talent LA currently represents actors (commercial and theatrical), Producers, Directors, and Writers. We are developing more departments due to the growth and demand , and  lots more exciting announcements coming soon!


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