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DLOW New Release "Follow Me"

(Official Music Video) shot by @lakeshorehy

Chicago’s DLOW May be the Rap World’s Michael Jordan, his new Single “Follow Me” Showcases

his Flow & Infectious Personality

DLOW is something special AND he isn’t afraid to let people know it. But one listen to his rap-flow,

the attention paid to production, his charisma and even watching him dance, only a true hater could

deny he is onto something. His new single “Follow Me” is out now on all streaming services as of

October 25, 2019

There’s an argument, that there’s many good lyricists but not many who can also write a great song.

That there’s many rappers with style who can dance but they can’t maintain a connection with hardcore

fans of the craft. Chicago, Illinois’s DLOW is showing every sign of being the perfect storm, bringing

all these elements together and delivering music that demands attention and creates quick new fans. In

exciting news, October 25th, has seen him drop his latest single and video for “Follow Me” and many

are saying it is his hottest song yet

“Trying to keep things high-energy and fun,” commented DLOW. “Rap is competitive like a sport and I

drop references to that spirit in ‘Follow Me’ but this is a positive part of our culture.”

The new single is released independently with DLOW’s management Integrity Talent Management

Group, under Create Music Group's distribution. There’s little doubt that the major label interest is only

going to rise for this young Chicago star.

In addition to his skill with a pen and pad and in the studio, DLOW’s live shows have won universal

praise. So far he’s played live across the U.S. and in Europe with more and bigger venues on the way.

Highlights can be seen on this official website and YouTube channel.

Expect more news from DLOW soon.

For more information visit and stay part of the conversation of

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.