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Holly Davidson

Holly Davidson is an entrepreneur, connector, and mother of 3—she is the pulse of inspiration. Sharp-witted and intensely driven, Holly has nearly two decades experience in the entertainment industry as a Strategic Communications & PR Consultant. Her company connects industry leaders, decision-makers, and experts with business entities that aim for the next level. The ingenuous marketing and advertising campaigns that Holly has executed for household brands over the years have created millions in revenue. Holly’s fierce instincts and proficiency are what keep her services in high demand.

Ruthi Davis 

Ruthi Davis is a global multimedia editor/writer, author, empowerment coach, business and brand strategist, consultant, founder of Superfly Supermom and SuperKids Chronicles—and mother of 4 kids. Besides globe-trotting with her family and living abroad in Europe, Ruthi has also garnered two decades of international editorial experience, reaching audiences, worldwide, as a journalist, ghost writer, and editor. She

also has worked on multi-faceted advertising/marketing campaigns with Fortune 500 (Top 50) companies through copywriting, brand development, and business strategy. Today, her candid and clever writing can be found on a collection of notable networks,

besides Superfly Supermom, to also include: Thrive Global, The Huffington Post,PopSugar, SheKnows Media, BlogHer, Mogul Influencer, Fete Lifestyle Magazine, Bonbon Break, Red Tricycle, Scary Mommy, the Mainstream Channel, and a panel expert for featured authors on Consumer Health Digest.

7 Secrets to Professional Sisterhood & Success

How to stay focused, empowered, and thriving in life and business

1. Own It.

The first step in living your best life—both personally and professionally—is to OWN IT. Be everything you have experienced. Draw from the pitfalls, life lessons, who you were, who you choose to be in the present, and the person you are evolving into. Own it. Don’t make excuses… use it as a platform of experience and continue fueling ahead.

2. Live. Laugh. Learn.

Mistakes will happen… but you never fail. As the saying goes, we either win or we learn. Just don’t forget to allow the lesson to unfold, as it only makes us stronger. Then make sure to laugh and forgive yourlself. Let go. Learn, and feel how fierce you have become.

Holly: I was working with Reuben Cannon and he was my “experimental” artist. I knew he had talent but he didn’t really have a single or support of his brother Nick Cannon. Within the first week, I met someone that had contact to ICE T. I knew I could schedule a radio interview leveraging Ice T and the contact, so I called one of the largest radio stations in New York and booked ICE T for a radio interview with the promise that they would let Ice T introduce Reuben Cannon in the interview and play his song. After phase one was done, I emailed my new friend and told her to please confirm ICE T for Hot 97 in New York. I guess after she told Ice T, he asked, “who is this “Holly Davidson and why is she booking me interviews?” Needless to say, it worked and Ice T was so impressed how big of balls I had that he invited Reuben and I to

his house for lunch.

Ruthi: Some of the closest clients that I have worked with throughout the years, I have never met in person. I may not have a “story” per say, but some of my connections began as a simple Skype meeting during my time in the Netherlands and continue years later, as I now reside on the East coast. Above it all, we still run into the same circles of people, no matter where I live. The world is so expansive, but in the end, we are all the same. It’s six degrees of separation that hold true time and time again. At the same time, I keep learning and living the enthralling experience in letting go of any fear and apprehension in everything I execute. The results are immeasurable if we only connect with one another, learn, relate, respect, and collaborate. That’s what this business is all about, and I was made for it.

3. Be Authentic

Don’t make excuses for how or why you are. Don’t change yourself to appease other. BE THE BEST VERSION OF YOU! Be authentic and unapologetically you, and accept others without judgment as well.

4. Demonstrate Gratitude

Realize that you are surrounded by love, support, compassion, and strength. Tap into the positivity

and warmth, and offer awareness, appreciation,

and gratitude.

Holly: I’m not afraid to be me, in fact, I am GREAT at it. I no longer try to be like these other business people. I have my own personality and my unique way of connecting

people, things, ideas, etc. My philosophy is simple—to the point and straightforward. If you don’t like it, that’s fine, let’s not do business. At the end of the day, it’s about getting things done, and I know that not everyone is

going to like me—that sounds like a personal problem—

I always move forward. I also have a great team and

we are all true to ourselves, have each other backs,

build each other up, and stay united.

Ruthi: My journey, thus far, has shaped the person that I am today—writer, creative, strategic, organized, optimist, communicator, and ultimate networker. After traveling the

world with my family and living throughout Europe as Diplomats and expats, I feel truly privileged to have connected with people of all statures, cultures, religions,

backgrounds, and personalities. This experience opened my eyes to a deep interest in learning from others—their journey, thoughts/feelings, personal story, and so much

more. These elements coupled with my wide-ranging professional acumen is truly manifested in the way I do business. My glass is always half-full, and I am solution-

driven. I vastly appreciate being the ultimate professional “matchmaker” in connecting new and existing clients to the solutions that will ultimate drive their ROI and

offer a wholistic sense of satisfaction.

5. Give Back

Simply stated, helping others feeds the soul.

6. Apply Life Lessons

Life has a way of teaching you what you are ready to receive and learn. Here are a few of our top lessons from personal experience.

1. You can’t make everyone happy.

2. Step out of your comfort zone.

3. Feel Good = Attract Good.

4. Hurricanes come to pass never to stay.

5. Everything always works out.

Holly: Last year, I was a part of an event that helped families share the season of the holidays with less fortunate. In five days, Joyce Chow and I brought in 30 companies for sponsorships, A-List actors, celebrities, and gift these families with amazing gifts. The event was catered, and we had carolers, music, and bands performing. Each child walked away with 30 gifts, pictures with their favorite celebrity, and memories of being a

VIP. This created such a huge impact that it was released in 30 different newspapers, magazines, and also aired across the U.S. on TV. The vision was simple—give the less

fortunate the spirit of Christmas. Most of all, we did this in five days with NO BUDGET.

Ruthi: As an empowerment coach as well as propelling my “Ask Ruthi” Advice column, I have guided countless professionals embarking on unchartered journeys that were filled with anxiety to fulfill their vision. I have coached parents from around the world, during my time as an expat, in managing through the work/life balance as well as coaching through behavioral/educational struggles with their children at home. I also visit schools to meet with teachers and apply unique learning tools and processes that I developed to help close learning gaps. I implement these strategies in the classroom through simple exercises with the class as well. My overall initiative is to empower others, celebrate our individuality and life lessons, and learn from one another. From my

monthly Superfly Supermom/SuperDad/SuperKids awards to the SuperKids Chronicles, this philosophy

is deeply rooted in everything I do and everyone

whom I connect.

7. Keep Growing & Evolving

Let go of fear and inhibition and what do you see? Take that dream/vision and make a plan. Step by step, make small and attainable goals for each day. Before you know it you will have reached that dream, now a reality.

Then keep climbing.

You can do it! Here’s how we continue evolving.