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GiGi Tonye

Who is GiGi Tonye’?

Who is GiGi Tonye’?

Tonye' (Tamunotonye) means;

"God's will", "God's desire and purpose",

"favour from God."

Garley ‘GiGi Tonye' Briggs is best known for being the ‘HIGH ENERGY’ dancer, choreographer and Zumba® fitness instructor in Chicago! This Nigerian-American, Chicago native, has over ten years of healthcare and professional dance experience. She has a Masters in Health Administration and holds a plethora of knowledge in health and wellness! Her dance background has gained her features with The Steve Harvey Show, WGN, ABC 7 News, Chicago Bulls Challenge, The Black Ensemble Theater ‘Plays with A Purpose’ 2017/2018 Season, TD Jakes Potters House Church ‘ALIVE’ Dance Conference, Common & Kanye West Music Video ‘The Corner, Flash Mob America New York, John Ruffin’s Theater 47 , CANTV, Shuree Rivera 'Freedom' Music Video, Jossie Thacker, Millenium Park ‘Summer Workouts’, COLLABORACTION and many more!

She is the Owner and Founder of GiGi Tonye’ Arts & Fitness, an innovative new mobile dance & fitness studio in Chicago. Scholarship winner of the notable Dance To Learn® Chicago Ambassador Certification, awardee of The Spirit of Excellence for Choreography and Dance Instruction Award from nationally known Ladies of Virtue Chicago, committee board member for the American Diabetes Association, member of the National Dance Education Organization and the creator of the #Dance4OurLives movement. 

The Company

GiGi Tonye' Arts & Fitness is the new innovative mobile dance and fitness studio in Chicago! We provide mobile dance and Zumba® fitness services for ALL ages, individuals, schools, organizations, and companies around Chicago and beyond.

Our Mission: To help everyone achieve wellness through dance by implementing a mobile platform that makes wellness easily accessible; from the studio to clients home.


Our Vision: To be the top innovator in dance and fitness studios; service accessibility, and expansion digitally, mobilly, and globally for ALL. Thus, significantly impacting clients health, artistic expression and satisfaction!

Our Belief: We believe everyone should have the opportunity to achieve wellness. We also believe that dance is a powerful, creative tool that can make it possible.

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For all bookings contact [email protected] or visit