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                             Najeé Muhammad

About me 

Rising Genre-bending Rapper/songwriter Najeé Muhammad was born on the southside of

Chicago, Illinois in 1996 . Leaving at at an early age due to his father taking a gamble finically ,

Muhammad spent majority of his adolescences in the Clark County District of Las Vegas ,

Nevada . Growing up he often bounced between the 2 states , spending a great deal of time

with elders , and in the comforting walls of multiple Christian Churches . This primarily played a

heavy-role early in his musical theory, as he was often drowned in Gospel music , Rhythm &

Blues , House music , and Soul that ranged from the 1930s all the way up to the late 80s. Due

to the street atmosphere of Chicago.. Muhammad was influenced early on by gang-culture and

family violence. He took up different sports paths to keep busy and also flirted with the idea of

going to the military. He didn’t really get much of a big break until he took his writing skill set

serious enough . Throughout school (although he lacked the discipline to stay focused

academically). Every year he consistently landed a English Honors-Course that sharpened his

penmanship and descriptive writing skills . He played the Saxophone all throughout Junior High

and had already learned the basics of a piano keyboard at the tender age of 6 . Music became a

second language naturally .

After years of experimenting with different paths , Muhammad was reunited with his Uncle

“DJ Skoon” who played a major role in his first piece of digital material .. He showed him how to

structure music on different software programs, count bars , produce, as well as audio engineer

his own templates . This ultimately helped create an original sound for the upcoming MC down

the line .. Forming a hybrid between old vintage Daws and Modern mixing techniques.

Muhammad got his first great amount of recognition locally after putting out back to back

experimental demos, under alias names “Ali Superb & Ali-47” . Heavily influenced by early down

south music ,(Andre 3000, T.I., UGK, Cash Money, etc.)

As well as east coast soundscapes . (Nas, DMX, Tribe Called Quest, Wu Tang, Mos Def., etc.)

His fathers strict teachings about entrepreneurship & ownership kick started Muhammad into

making his records a more profitable foundation . He sold hard copy CDs out the trunk of a 99

Monte Carlo at 18 , participated in numerous open mics , and was a primary opening act for

other established artists like Dom Kennedy & Rob Banks . Muhammad’s aggressive & Raw

“Xxxtentacion”-like sound approach early on rapidly got him a great deal of recognition during

the beginning stages of the “SoundCloud rap” era . His staggering honesty & groundwork with

the combination of his mystic way of branding the sound palette he had developed.. eventually

got him a decent cult following . Setting out for Los Angeles in 2015 with a “Dollar and a Dream”

mindset, Muhammad dropped out of college and spent most of his adulthood polishing his

brand identity.. Hopping couch to couch , all while simultaneously having a ton of success in

other areas of his life . With his tattooed ethereal image.. he landed billboards, magazine write

ups, was the face of numerous LA streetwear brands, and was the curator for numerous brands

. He became more of a visionary & a mentor behind the scenes for other up incoming talent

which led to his impact being spread rapidly via word of mouth . When he did finally re-emerged

sonically, he debuted a completely new name change inspired by a spiritual journey &


“ Najeé Muhammad “ was a name given to him at birth right after his father joined the Nation of

Islam. His messages in his music echo the sentiments of self-empowerment & the war on

artificial consciousness.

                           Conscious Media Group