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Whether you're just starting or making that transition from music being a hobby to becoming a career, this is a great place to begin or continue to grow your fan base. 

(Free album distribution )

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Monthly Radio Service


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Artists can submit an Album, Single, or EP through the Poze Records label & VaMo brand

Artists get one free special feature in our Partner magazine-

Poze Magazine

Artists are Guaranteed 10 spins in rotation per day 

Inclusion to VaMo Schedule

Free industry-tip lists 

-This contains tips on industry executives who are accepting submissions in the music industry

(received during the 2nd month)

Artists will be submitted to other radio shows of VaMo Partners

LIVE Interview on VaMo Radio

VaMo Radio Membership
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Advertise With Us


Per Month

For the starting cost of $19.99 a month we post your banner, album cover, or logo on our website and promote you monthly. Learn how you can get a commercial through VaMo Radio for your product or business. Different packages are available to fit your needs. You will also be promoted by our partners for extra exposure.

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for Your Presskit?


Per Interview 

Submit today for an interview with VaMo Radio. You have to apply first with your bio and pictures. 

Phone interviews last 5-10 minutes. All interviews will have to be approved. VaMo Radio has the right to refuse a submission.

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We Can Promote Your Video On Our Site 

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We will promote your video on our site monthly

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We will promote your video on our site for $9.99/month

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