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Action Star Paul Mormando To Star In New Mob Drama Series

Silent Partners, opposite Garry Pastore (HBO’s The Deuce), and James Russo (Django Unchained)

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LA Reid's Newest Group, Project 2ONE5, Releases New Video

VP Marketing

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DLOW New Release "Follow Me"

(Official Music Video) shot by @lakeshorehy

 legendary Chicago dancer & platinum recording artist DLOW.

His 2015 Billboard Hot 100 hit "Do It Like Me" 

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Lil Opioid

Nick Bowman or known by his alias "Lil Opioid" is a Lyricist & Music Producer from Indianapolis known for his different genres, and depressing/happy vibes that make his listeners smile, wince or have an outburst of nostalgia. With over 25,000,000 streams on all platforms he is expected to blow up in 2020.

Lil Opioid's Instagram :

Lovro's Instagrams

We are honored to have him as a Headliner at The Xpozing Music Awards 2020

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GiGi Tonye' Arts & Fitness is the new innovative mobile dance and fitness studio in Chicago! We provide mobile dance and Zumba® fitness services for ALL ages, individuals, schools, organizations, and companies around Chicago and beyond.

Our Mission: To help everyone achieve wellness through dance by implementing a mobile platform that makes wellness easily accessible; from the studio to clients home.


Our Vision: To be the top innovator in dance and fitness studios; service accessibility, and expansion digitally, mobilly, and globally for ALL. Thus, significantly impacting clients health, artistic expression and satisfaction!

Our Belief: We believe everyone should have the opportunity to achieve wellness. We also believe that dance is a powerful, creative tool that can make it possible.

For all bookings contact [email protected] or visit

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Mary Lane  Chicago Blues lengend

A longtime staple of Chicago's West Side blues circuit, singer Mary Lane was born November 23, 1935 in Clarendon, Arkansas. After honing her skills in local juke joints in the company of Howlin' Wolf, Robert Nighthawk, Little Junior Parker and James Cotton, Lane relocated to Chicago in 1957; backed by Morris Pejoe, she soon cut her debut single "You Don't Want My Lovin' No More" for the Friendly Five label. A

favorite among peers for her dulcet tones, she nevertheless did not record again for several decades, remaining virtually unknown outside of the Chicago blues faithful;

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Catrina Evans


Harriet Tubman… (upcoming) Harriet Tubman His. Perspective for Children Joan and Ron Schaeffer

Jake’s Women (upcoming) Shelia Oil Lamp Josh Johnson

The Camion Project Core Ensemble Theatre Y Melissa Lorraine Hill

Hamlet Marcellus, Guildenstern, Northern Illinois University Alex Gelman Grave digger 2

When We Were Young… Hannah Wide Eyed Wonders Prods Abby Ferree/Halle Hoffman

The Fantasticks Luisa Allswell Artistic Ensemble Ellen Campbell

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Allie Escaffi

Allie Escaffi is an actress and a model in television, independent movies and commercials. She is of Argentinian and Chilean descent and speaks fluent Spanish. Allie got her start in modeling by winning a photo shoot contest with Green House Productions and being discovered by Wilhelmina Talent Agency. She soon garnered commercial roles and leads in independent film projects. She grew up in San Gaberial Valley in California and then moved to Miami while still in high school. Allie spent her college years in Colorado, and not satisfied with a bachelor's degree, while working as a single mom, Allie went back to school to get her Masters in Business Administration. With all of her creative interests, Allie is always seeking a new challenge and adventure, from being an artist to an avid climber and Spartan competitor. Allie pursues all of her passions with focused drive and brings all of her life experience to bear in her acting.

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Michael Nove’lll

"Fool Out" (official music video)

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Dr. Miami

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Our Team

We love building products for you

Kt Firefame

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Chef Jerome Brown

"Personal Chef to the Stars"

In 2016 he was ranked the #8 Chef

in the world and his cookbook,

Eat Like a Celebrity, won Cookbook

of the Year in 2014.

Chef Rome has just announced his 2019 International tour would you consider Chef Jerome Brown as a feature?

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